Independence Hotel Facade Improvement​

Meizinger Construction Services are proud to have worked and completed the Independence Hotel in 13th and Locust in Center City, Philadelphia. Over a six week time period, our team, made up of non-union workers, helped replace facade replacement, a large metal band on top of the hotel building. This project was the first of its kind in the city of Philadelphia and was completed within six weeks in the Winter of 2019. 

Verizon Sub Stations​

The Meizinger Construction Services team are currently working on various Verizon sub stations for AECOM Tishman, improving the infrastructure of those locations. (AECOM Tishman has been recognized with its iconic buildings and notable skylines throughout the United States and the world.)

Center City Garage​

The Meizinger Construction Services team is currently working on a parking garage in 15th and Latimer in Center City, Philadelphia. Our team is reenforcing and rebuilding this garage while it is currently in use. The parking garage was built back in 1916. For this project, the MCS team is taking apart the main beams and girders of the building, while reinforcing the steel and pouring concrete. This project is ongoing and is subject to be completed in the coming months.

Northeast Philadelphia Storage Facility ​

MCS has successfully competed the renovation fo a 55,000 square foot interior space located on Grant Avenue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In February 2020, broke ground and are currently performing construction of an additional 60,000 square foot ground up building at the same location.